Piano Lessons For beginners And up

pianopic1Lisa Handman teaches Piano and Harp in her studio in the Alpharetta/Johns Creek area of Georgia and online via zoom or Facetime . Each student has individual needs and goals, and lessons are tailored to each student. According to the student’s interests, Lisa will cover technique building, theory, lesson and performance materials. Lessons are reasonably priced and available weekly for 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour slots. Lisa will always be available to discuss lessons with the student/parent.

The student should realize that daily practice is essential. It is best to set aside a regular time (or times) and follow the schedule. Lisa will discuss the length of practice sessions and practice habits with each student/parents. The student should arrive on time, with all necessary books and assignments.
Lisa handman Georgia piano lessons
Parental support is a must for the Child’s musical growth. Show an interest and enthusiasm for his/her musical accomplishments. Make sure the student has a good instrument that is kept in tune; good lighting, good seating, uninterrupted practice time; and help, interest and support from you. Keyboards are acceptable for beginning students. Young students, especially, need help with their practice.

Lisa realizes that Adult Students may have various needs and goals to meet their schedule, and will work with you to achieve your individual objectives. Each person learns at a different rate depending upon various experience levels – physical, musical, etc. Lisa has many Adult Students, and teaches them in a relaxed environment.

There are many optional opportunities for performances, based on the Students/Parents desire. Some examples of those are:
lisa handman piano lessons– End of Year Recital
– Celebrate With Music Program – Performing in North Point Mall in December as part of a fundraiser for North Fulton Music Teacher’s Association
– Royal School of Music
– National Federation of Music Clubs – yearly in March
– various School performances, Nursing Homes, etc.

Professional Affiliations:

– Georgia Music Teacher’s Association

– North Fulton Music Teachers’ Association

– Atlanta Federation of Musicians

– Music Education National Conference

– National Federation of Music Clubs

– Past President of GA Chapter of American Harp Society

– American Harp Society



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